Random for a Thursday

1. Knitting time has been a bit minimal here lately. I know that it’s taboo to mention on a knitting blog that you haven’t been knitting much lately, but what are you supposed to say when you’re no longer knitting a mile a minute? Should I be creative, “I’ve been too busy with my skydiving classes to knit,” should I inspire pity. “They don’t let me have needles here in the loony bin,” Or should I be surrealist, “The gnomes have stolen all my wool to make clothes lines and stake up their tomatoes.”

2. I recently learned a new word in Italian. (And yes, this is a nice word.) Patata. Any guesses as to what that means? Potato. Isn’t that fun. I had such a hard time saying it until I just said it like I would potato, but changing the o’s to a’s.  That now makes “Una buona patata,” My favorite thing to say in Italian. It means, “A good potato.”

3. Even though I haven’t been knitting much, I’ve still been working on squares and my sweater a little bit in the evening.  I’ve knit three squares, and have enough yarn (more on that in a minute) for maybe one more. I’m thinking maybe from the center out? You can thank Mrs. Nowool for that. (She’s allergic)

4. My, you are all an easily riled up little bunch. I make one little mention of Caron Simply Soft and I suddenly feel like you’re all trying to YA (yarn anonymous). Garret, you’d say, step away from the yarn. We’re your friends and we want to help you. We know that the stuff is cheap and machine washable, but you have to stop this. We know that you’re better than this.

5. That’ll teach me to ever tell you what yarn I’m using.

6. Aside from the content and the questionable beginnings as dinosaur remains, this yarn still bothers me. It’s not the make I swear. (Though that does bother me, but a lot less.) It’s the way it’s spun. Too lose, and I find myself constantly splitting stitches. It was even worse in the crochet.

7. Let’s have a picture of the hand to hand Aran. I’m on my way to the last hand, just a little past the neck.

Please refrain from making any comments on my clunky Amish-looking footwear. I need to tell all of you this, because, knowing you, you would mention it. (They are comfy, and again, they were 100% free.) (I rarely pay for anything.) (And I don’t steal either.) The picture is a little fuzzy, but what else is new? If you can see that miscrossed cable there, you are looking to close. (I’ll fix it in a minute)

8. Please take note of a rather clever shaping method. I did an extra repeat of the cable pattern on the back, so as to make it a little bit longer than the front. I love that kind of shaping, and If you’re planning to knit this in the future I suggest you make a mental or physical note of this.

9. Lat night my mother made fun of me because I’d brought home a book that was a collection of beat poems. She read a few lines of Howl aloud, and then started blushing. Then she looked at me like I had grown three heads. You are all free to mock me as you will. (Why do you think that I’m throwing this out there?)  But don’t let me know that you made any faces.

10. In my continuing quest for insanity, I’m reminded of something I thought about maybe a month ago. I love Elizabeth Zimmermann with an almost disturbing obsession. I want to ride on a motorcycle, just so I can knit while I do so. (Only I would never, ever be able to do that in a million billion years.) I should knit my way through Knitting Workshop. Like Julie Powell did with Mastering the Art of French Cooking, only maybe with less swearing, drinking and maggots, and also probably not with a book deal at the end. Is that a good idea? A potentially crippling idea? Will it wreck my wrists? Will it ruin my writing? Only time will tell. I just want to know something, if I decided to do this, will you all keep reading?



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