Friday the fourth

1. A few days ago I pulled out a sheet of paper and a pen and did a little bit of digging. I made a list, with all of a certain thing on it, and then counted everything on that list. I balked when I finished counting, and thought that it could be right. So I recounted, and turns out that I was right. The number was thirty-four. The items, books I own, but haven’t read. My, I’m going to be busy.

2. actually it’s thirty-five, because I bought one yesterday, but I’m not putting it on the list because I intend to start it soon.

3. I’m very thankful that I buy used books.

4.The knitting has been scarce. But you probably know that because I’m talking about reading, instead of knitting. They are sister arts.

5. Probably because the knitting is on the back burner (but still cooking, just not a lot.) I’ve got the undeniable urge to start a few dozen things. I’m thinking about slippers even thought it’s about eighties degrees and I’m on the second floor.

6. No air conditioning on today or yesterday. Score: Environment 1, Comfort o. (Note, this is just the score for yesterday, in the category of heat, creating and enduring.)

7. I have not fixed my spinning wheel.

8. I have developed a serious obsession with vests. Not with wearing them, but with making them. Probably also due to the weather, a vest is just the manly version on the “tank top.”

9. I don’t want to be the man who tries to bring back knitting tank tops for men, though I am tempted.

10. A tank top would be nice right about now.

11. But I’m still going to stick with the sweater. I don’t know why, it’s been on the needles for a nearly a week, but it is still on the first sleeve. Ordinarily this would be a good cause for me to chuck the thing, but I’m really loving knitting it. Otherwise I really would have moved onto something else by now.

12. When I finish this thing, and it is a when, not an if, remind me not to start something big, but to stick to smaller, and cooler things, like socks.


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