Good morning everyone! And how are all of you doing today? I’m great. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I’m in an oddly sunny mood, and am even planning on attempting to fix my spinning wheel here in a minute. I think, that summer is here for now, though the temperature is supposed to  plummet tomorrow.  And no one has even said the words Air Conditioning. Being the only one in this house who’s never touched a cigarette, I generally like to keep the windows open as much as possible, just for the fresh air. To those of you who think it’s all sunshine and roses here, know that this morning I poured the last cup of coffee, (Which I treat like it has flecks of gold on it.) Got it just the way I liked it. I then opened the back door, and slip, slip, the cup flew out of my hands, and plop, coffee all over the door frame and deck. But my mood was so cheerful, that after a slight amount of swearing (and this would generally cause me to make a sailor look like a schoolmarm) I simply laughed and said “Needed to clean that anyway.”

Apparently I’ve turned into Julie Andrews.

But I digress. I’m just soaking up the heat, which is odd, because I generally hate the heat, but here of late I’m starting to like it. I’m lingering with my hands in the warm dishwater, and I’m finding myself creeping the shower temperature thingy over to the hot side more and more.

Talk to me this July.

Let’s see. Knitting right. I can show you the sock at this point, because I’ve cast on the other one. (I’ve got an odd superstition when it comes to socks. I can’t show the finished one, when the other has yet to be cast on. )

I’ve also finished the first sleeve, more or less, on the Hand-to-Hand Aran. No picture because it’s only a little bit bigger than the last time you saw it. Maybe I’ll remember to take a picture when I get to THE GREAT DIVIDE.  (That’s the point when I divide with for the neck hole.) And you’ll also get to see the clever shaping that this thing has — you don’t divide the cables evenly, which makes the back bigger, which to those who don’t know, it needs to be, otherwise, you end up with what I call “Flappy Front.” Which means your front panels are a lot bigger than your back. It really bother’s me, as I’m sure it does you. I’m working on a way combat that  that doesn’t use the phrase “short rows.” Wish me luck.


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