Some Mittens for Me

Here I am, with finished mittens too. I said I’d post this yesterday, but you know what they say, better late then never. I wanted to give the mittens some kind of blocking before I showed them to you. You can’t really call a project done till after it’s blocked. You can I suppose, but I always feel like I’m doing something wrong if I am. I feel like I’m lying to you. I would never lie to you. (especially about toes.) Maybe once or twice I would, you know, when I tell you that I wove in all the ends on that sock, or that I whipped that dishcloth out in an evening. But nothing big, and when it comes to knitting, what’s bigger than blocking?

See, I finished the under-the-sea-themed-hand-sweaters. I don’t know how I feel about them. I like them. I like the cute, whimiscalness of them, but I look at them, and I can’t help but see a lot of the mistakes. Like look at the fish at the top. The look they’re melting. That’s simply because the decreases had to happen at the same time as the fish. Still, I’m just happy that these things are done. Done, Done, Done. And I suppose that I do like them, I just don’t think that I’ll be able to slip them onto my hands, without noticing the mistakes.

Like that double orange stripe, where there should only be one. (It’s the giant strip on glowing orange) See, that is easily fixable, but I didn’t notice it till is was too late, and the only way I could have fixed it would be to rip out, which, while usually something I wouldn’t hesitate to do, I didn’t want to do on these. For some reason, I just wanted these to be done.

Still though, this is the first time that I’ve designed my own colorwork. (For the most part, the first time the project was ALL colorwork that I made up.) And I didn’t do that bad of a job. By pure reason of an accident, these fit me. (They were to be a Christmas gift for my sister with much smaller hands.) My gauge was off, and I didn’t feel like re-w0rking all the numbers and all the charts to make them to fit her. I just bit the bullet and made mittens for myself.

Now that they’re done, I’m feeling having a big sense of “now what?” All I’ve got on the needles is a sock. Just a little sock, and it’s almost done. I’ll be sorry to see it go, I love that little sock. I’ll probably work on socks, little things, till I find something big.



  1. Interesting comment on blocking. Did you always feel this way or is it a new knitting mantra that perhaps, was spurred by something entirely unrelated to your own project? Just wondering. 😉

    • My answer is an odd one, mostly because I’m not really sure that I have one. For some things, the moment the end is woven in, it’s done. For large shawls, sweaters, colorwork, lace, ect. I think that it really is missing something untill you block it, if only to “even it out.”

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