Monday, Monday, so good to me!

Guess what! No, I was not bit by a radio-active spider, and I don’t plan to save Metropolis any time soon. (Though you never know.) (I do watch a lot of Buffy . . . ) Anyway . . .

I was nominated by Pearls-Toronto For a Kreative Blogger Award. Isn’t that cool? Please go visit Pearls-Toronto, not only because she is interesting, but very nice as well. It is this writer’s observation that nice and interesting rarely happen in the same person, so when you find someone like that, latch on to them like a leech. (I go for interesting, I’m sorry.) (And by the way, I’m slightly biased toward this person, she did link to me after all.) (If you want me to say nice things about you, link to me, and I’ll mention you all the time.)

In keeping with the rules, which I, due to my free-thinking hippie ways, want to break, here are seven random things about myself, I’ll try to make them things you didn’t know.

1. I greatly value my alone time, and there are some days were I would sell my soul just for a few hours. (Like yesterday) I know that if I were to be given nothing but solitude, it would surely drive me mad within a few days, but my heart is a fickle, fickle thing.

2. I consider Hall and Oates to be the greatest musical duo of all time. (Note: I said duo, not necessarily the greatest musical group of all time. I will not tell you who I think is the greatest musical group of all time, because it would make me sound like a twelve-year-old girl if I were to wax lyrical about such a fad thing like Maroon 5) (Whoopie, slipped out) (I feel justified in saying that I like the older stuff, back when people didn’t know who Adam Levine was.) (I feel so embarrassed now.)

3. Taped to the wall above my desk, I have a piece of Shakespeare poetry,which I’ve also committed to memory. It is as follows.

Sigh no more ladies,

Sigh no more.

Men were deceivers ever,

One foot in Sea,

And one on shore,

To one thing constant, never.

Then sigh not so,

But let them go,

And be ye Blithe and Bonny.

Converting all,

Your sounds of woe,

Into Hey Nonny Nonny!

Sing no more ditties,

Sing no more,

Of dumps so dull and heavy.

The fault of men was ever so,

Since summer first was leafy.

Then sigh not so,

But let them go,

And be ye Blithe and Bonny.

Converting all,

Your sounds of woe,

Into Hey Nonny Nonny!

~William Shakesphere, Much Ado about Nothing

And to those of you who missed that day in school, Hey Nonny Nonny! Was an Elizabethan term for merry-making. I also feel free to point out, that as a man, everything he said was true. I freely admit that to one thing constant I am never.

4. I am routinely irritated with people for just the slightest things. It could be the way the chew loudly, the way they pronounce the word supposedly (there is no B in it!) Often times, I will grow to loathe that person simply because of that trait, even if I like everything else about them. I also know that this is wrong.

5. I do a little bit of part-time work in a used book-shop. I love it there, mostly because I’m a reader and writer, so I fit right in. The other people who work there really love books too, and it shows. However, every week I bring home more books than I could possibly read in a week. This is becoming a bit of a problem, because I’m running out of room for books. I either need to bring fewer books home, or get rid of some. I don’t know which I want to do least. It also would help if I would read more, but I don’t see how I have time for that, considering that I’ve got a book in my hand every free second.

6. I love mail. I delight in getting and receiving letters with a childlike enthusiasm. Whether it’s an advertisement, the Marines trying to recruit me, (I’m flattered that they even want me) or a letter from someone I’ve never met, but have so much in common with. I love it all, and I can even get drunk on mail if I’ve got a few things with my name on it in the mail box. I am very good about replying to letters, and can have a reply out in a day or two.

7. I have written three books. None of them have been published. (Of course, it’s not like I’ve tried that hard) I am editing the second one, scribbling away on the fourth, and am in the early stages of the fifth. There is no sign that I will earn so much as a penny from any of the countless hours that I’ve put in on these books, but yet I still mean to keep on with it. I love to write books, there is nothing like writing the words, “The End” Then staring at it quietly for a second before bursting into on controllable giggles.

My, what a list. That was harder than I thought it would be. Here are my nominees for the Kreative Blogger Awards:

1. Joe at What can I say about Joe? A funny blogger, who is, in my humble opinion, a pillar of the blog community. While he is a touch suspicious, almost to a fault (I swear there is a toe!) he does it with your best interest at heart. (How many toe less sock have you got lying around buddy?) I’m not just saying this because he comments here a lot.

2. StripeySpots at Yet another wonderful blogger. Back at my old site she was commenting on just about every post I had, and I doubt I would be still doing this if it wasn’t for her constantly giving my ego a little boost.

Is two enough? I think so. Better to have two that you really mean, than to have a bunch that you don’t. Right? I think so.  And just to prove that rumor that I don’t have a head false, take this — 

I assure you that I have taken a better picture on occasion. And I also assure you that this is the pick of the lot when it comes to the 700 pictures I took in preparation for this. I am vain, very, very vain.


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