A post for a Saturday

Last night I finished the striped sweater in a fit of unbridled knitting passion. By the end of the evening, my palms were sweaty, my needles were sticky, and I had pretty strong thoughts of putting the knitting down, and walking away. But my undying desire for me done with this thing prevailed, and by eleven o’clock I had a sore back, and a mostly finished sweater.

Then I did that trying on thing, where you triumphantly push your arms through the perfectly tailored sleeves, and parade about the house like you’re a peacock. It was later that evening, while I was looking for buttons that would work with it, that I realized it.

I had put the button holes on the “woman’s” side.

First, let me say that the whole buttonhole argument thing is the most ridiculous thing I’d heard of since George Bush. They all should be placed on the “man’s” side, simply because we all dress ourselves, and most of us are right-handed. If you’re left-handed, then you should place them on the right side, because then it will be easier for you to button them. That’s it.

But I am a man, and I am right-handed, so I will be placing them on the “man’s” side. (And the only people who really care about this are knitters.)

Don’t think for a minute that I didn’t think that it would be a good idea to place my buttonholes “deliberately” on the right side just as a protest to how silly this thing is. Also you would be correct if I thought this just so I wouldn’t have to fix the button holes. At least I thought of this before I sewed the buttons on. I should have ripped out the mistake right then and there, but I wanted to go to bed, so I put it aside and told myself that I would fix it “later.” I don’t know when later will come, but I hope I don’t put it off to long. Sweater weather is just about over, if not already.

In other news, I’ve now turned the heel on the mindless sock I started for when I’m keeping shop, and reading things. Do you want a picture? I think you do.

Not exactly prize-winning photography. But the knitting isn’t much better either. These were to be for me, but they’re shaping up to be a bit smaller than I’d thought, so off to the gift box they go. These were worked on some recycled yarn, using my own pattern, not costing me a cent.


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