Fish gotta swim

And bloggers must blog. It’s in my very nature to be chatty, and to talk about everything under the sun, from the U.S.’s nuclear policy (you blow us up, we’ll do the same to you) to what was on TV last night. This is why I’ve been posting a lot here of late. I want to talk, and when you get in the routine of blogging, of hoping that you get a few rows done tonight so you have something to talk about tomorrow, it’s very easy to get out of, but very hard to get back into it.

I’m in the phase of being into it. I wish to share my every thought with you. Well, maybe not my every thought, you don’t want to read that kind of smut 🙂 . When I laugh, I want to tell you something funny, when I cry, I want you to get teared up too. I want you to wonder about all the crazy and weird people I met (and trust me, some of them are pretty odd).  In short, I want you to feel my emotions. Now, I know that this is starting to verge on creepy stalker (and there are few enough of you reading to where, with enough money, I could follow you around. Again, sorry.) This is not my intention. My intention was simply to tell you how much blogging, even to a small audience, is so important to my life. You all mean more to me than I you will ever know. Every comment makes me feel like a rock star. I just want to thank all of you.

(Boy, do I know my way around a tangent or what? Geez, I’m starting to get all misty eyed. )

My intention was not to wax lyrical about the nature of blogging today either. No, that was just a good example of a good introduction gone wrong. My intention was to show you this picture. (Keep your fingers crossed, and maybe the picture will go where I want it to, without me having to play with it.)

Oh, it did. Sort of, you don’t care, I’ll spare you the story.

It’s an appallingly bad picture, or my appallingly bad progress, with wasn’t helped by my appallingly bad camera skills, or lack thereof.

Let’s see, what else do I have to tell you. Nothing that I can think of, though I’m sure that the moment I post this, the very second that I hit that publish button, I will think of something crucial and life changing. I’m sorry in advance, because I know that I won’t be able to remember it for tomorrow.


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