Something Fishy

To begin, I must start with a question. Why did I have so many hits yesterday? It’s a little startling. Was I on some list or something, did I win a contest that I don’t know about. (Maybe for a few cones of yarn every shade of the rainbow?) I didn’t have any more referring sites or searches, so I don’t think that that happened. My numbers are generally around ten. Sometimes it’s more (17) sometimes it’s less (2). Yesterday, a holiday no less, was about 30. Can anyone explain this? Today they’re back to normal, I’m sad to report.

Still life goes on. And we keep knitting. I’ve finished knitting all the pieces to my striped sweater.Now all that’s waiting is a big dose of courage and tea to sew up all the pieces. Then there is the real job, which will probably take longer than the actual knitting. (Those with good memories will know that this thing has been on the needles for a record NINE months.) I will soon have to sew up all the ends. Oy vey.  I think I’ll need more than tea to do that.

So, since I’ve finished work, for now, on that sweater, which is still nameless, what have I been doing since? Glad you asked. I’ve toyed with several ideas, some good some bad, and I’ve settled on a bevy of mittens. Yes, a bevy, get a dictionary. (Let me go look it up to make sure that I’m using it right. Nah, I’m to lazy, I’ll take the chance.)

The biggest problem with these mittens, aside from my own stupidity, is the fact that I — A. Want to design them myself, and B. I don’t want snowflakes. I think the Norwegian mitten, while a timeless classic, has been done a few times, and I want something a bit more original than that.

Hence the reason for me now knitting fish mittens. I find it a lot better if I call them fishie mittens, or under-the-sea-themed hand sweaters. A teal-y background with orange fish. (Never say that a florescent acrylic from the eighties isn’t good for something.  It had just the vibrant effect that I was going for.)

I would show you a picture, but I’ve only knit about ten rounds on them. None of the shows I usually watch on Sunday nights were on, so I couldn’t zonk (technical word) out in front of the TV for hours. I had to get of the couch and be all productive. I might be able to carve out two hours today, but in all reality, that should be dedicated to the sweater, not the sexy mittens*. In a REAL reality, that should be dedicated to folding those mountains of laundry, but I don’t want to make life TOO real.

*Now there is an interesting calendar.



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