Promised Pictures

(See! Another blog promise kept. I’m not human I tell you, not human)

Here’s the sweater that I’m knitting. It’s another WIP from a year or two ago. It’s not a very well written pattern, so I won’t share it here, and it’s pretty much not recognizable from the pattern at all. That was a pull over, this obviously isn’t, and the differences I had with the pattern only got worse from there. Still though, it’s nice to have a pattern where you don’t have to do ALL the math. A well thought out pattern has it’s place, and a Garret original has it’s place as well.

I may not have enough of the brown to do the sleeves, and they may end up with that tatoo armband sort of thing if I don’t have enough. To help me in my sureness, I’m knitting the sleeves two at a time, and to sum up, it’s blowing my freaking mind out. I always looked on doing that as sort of an unnecessary pain in the ass. I’m all about avoiding pain in the asses (Necessary or not). But aside from casting on and the first few rows, it’s easy as pie. It’s almost, dare I say, fun. Well, not fun, but tolerable.

And I’m starting to look for what that next knit will be. (Still don’t care, but realize that without knitting, I’d be even more of a raving lunatic/bitch.) I’m looking at mittens with an eye that I’ve never used before. They always were such an obligatory, last-minute Christmas gift, never to last beyond New Year’s Eve.  (I blame my sister on this one. One mitten was under the bed, one was in with the gloves. She moved out, and only took one with her. I nearly killed her. With my mind of course, I just made threatening gestures toward her while she wasn’t around.)

Anyway, mittens. I’m thinking sideways, maybe mitered. I’m thinking little needles, natural yarns, and . . . Fair Isle. (Sigh from all knitters here.) I’m already wondering if there is anything beyond the traditional star.



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