Large Wooden Object Enter Stage Left

There is now a large wooden desk sitting in my bedroom that I didn’t have three days before. You may think that I’m just saying the whole large thing, but I really do mean it. You know how in a movie, when a character wants to seem really powerful they give him a big desk? It’s that kind of a desk. It is literally the span of my arms, there are some parts of it that I have to stand up to reach. I think there is a family of Mormons living on the other side of the lamp; they sure didn’t waste any time.

There were some hairy-scary moments getting this thing up here. The doorway is 29.5 inches, and the desk, minus top, is 29.5 inches. (Yes, they did have to take the top off to get it up here, and all 700 screws that were holding it up.) (And I’m also very pleased to report that I was not one of “they”.) The whole house had to be torn apart to get it up here too. It took me several hours to clean up. (And I even vacuumed, which only shows how happy this thing made me.) And, I’m also please to report that I’ve already got it covered with stuff. To my left is a stack of mail, a book I’m reading on top of that. Next to that is a huge book I’m studying, a calculator, one of the movies I watched last night, a lamp, a coffee cup, a glass cup, and some sleeves I’m knitting. To my right is a file folder open to a page, a notebook where I was wrestling with character profiles, a small pain of trash, some post-its, a pen, a jar with pens, some books that I deem important enough to be here. (Mostly Italian books, some old school books that I don’t want to mix with my fiction, and a few knitting books that are in use so often that they never really make it back to the shelves. ) You can see that I’ve wasted no time getting settled in.

I had a wonderful night last night, that was good in a way that I can’t even describe. It should have been a really sad night, but it wasn’t. I watched one okay movie, followed by a WONDERFULL one. I took out the seams on two sweaters, which I’ve been meaning to do for about a month. (I even remembered to take pictures before hand, long-time readers with very good memories will recall that I’ve got issues when it comes to that. )

I’m reading a really good book that I can’t wait to get back to. As a I write this I’m agonizing over its charecters. I love that kind of all-consuming reads, I wish for nothing more. I’m also very happy because for some private reasons, and because I just got news that I won’t have to see a very nice, but even more annoying person this Tuesday.

And now I’ve got to go write a poem about Yarn. If you don’t know, don’t ask. (And there may even be some knitting content for today of tomorrow. I’m dangling that carrot in front of you.)



  1. And I just discovered why you’re writing a poem about yarn. Were you planning on keeping this a secret? Afraid of a little competition? Good luck with it, I only write poems for cashmere. LOL

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