You make me feel like dancing*

I’ve finally finished up the Moccasin Socks. Let’s have some few pictures, shall we?

(Any WordPress users know how to not show those pictures in a gallery? Thanks in advance.)

The bottom picture is the grafting, which, I’m pleased to say, went rather well. (Both the grafting and the pattern are due to Elizabeth Zimmermann.) The one that you see is the better one of the two, which oddly enough, is the first one that I did. On the second I got cocky and then I couldn’t figure out how to fix the mistake I made due to that, long story. Anyway, one of these socks now have a line of purled stitches going down the bottom of one of them. I could have taken it out and fixed it, but it would have been easier for me just to learn to live with it.

The yarn for the top of the sock is a handspun Alpaca spun on my own little Clara. The yarn for the sole is a self striping Berroco yarn that was left over from some socks knit a while ago. I held it with some needlepoint yarn (for strength!) and gave the bottom of the socks a nice frosted look.

These will definitely be a kind of middle-of-winter house sock. They’re thick, and warm, and devilishly soft.

My knitting now is a pair of socks I started so I could have a portable project. (To get this much knitting done you have to be versatile, and not afraid of knitting in public.) I also picked up an abandoned project for some stay-at-home knitting. It’s another sweater that was put aside for some reason which I fail to remember. I now know that there was nothing wrong with the sweater, only with my way of thinking. (Very long story.) So, I’ve got a finished back, two half-finished sleeves, and an almost finished right front. I’m on my way to finishing something else. I tell you, this finishing stuff it’s addictive.

And some good news. Once I’ve finished that, I’ll be very well on my way to not having any UFOs. (UnFinished Objects) There’s that sweater, another one, a hat and that blanket. Maybe one or two more that I can’t think of. Oh, there is that vest. But that’s it! Oh, I forgot about that shawl . . .

*Really, I’m the only one who gets this  song stuck in their head when they finish a pair of socks. Really, that’s just me? Only me? Please would somebody lie and tell me they sing disco hits from the seventies when they finish a pair of socks.



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