I can’t think of a thing for this title

There’s a lot going on right now, and that’s why that the posting, and the knitting has been a little bit minimalist. You see, I’m writing another book, I’m editing/rewriting another book, and I’m in the very, very beginning stages of another book, plus keeping up on all my other writings, short stories and comedic essays (if you believe that). I’m also studying for a really big test that is slowly taking over my life.

But I don’t want to dump all that on you. You come here for the knitting, not to hear my endless moaning about all the writing I’ve gotten myself into. I just thought that you would want to know why the knitting and posting has stalled recently. I’ll try to come here a little bit more, because I really love writing here. It’s calming and peaceful, and gosh-drun-it it’s fun. (Say that last little bit like Sarah Palin, it’ll make your day.) I dream of writing here as I stare out the window.

So, what to talk about? I’m sure you don’t want me to talk about what happened on the episode of Buffy that I watched last night, though it was amazing. So, I’ll use my tactical training, and turn to that never-failing fall back subject for when the talk turns to something unpleasant. (Did you just understand that sentence?)

The Weather!

And my, what weather it’s been. It feels like at least May, but it’s only March. We’ve got daffodils and the trees are budding, and oh, oh, the cheery blossoms. Remind me to share some pictures. It’s really wonderful.

Though they do come with a double-edged sword. It’s been a little hot, though today was cool. But the past few days have been a little warm. My bedroom is like a heat sponge, so even at night once things have cooled down, it’s still sweltering and stuffy. I’m not looking forward to working up here daily this summer.

But like I said, I’m not here to complain, though it is so easy and so tempting. I’ve got somewhere to say it, and a few people, maybe three or four people who will listen. I do like to complain too, it’s such a fun past time. I’m dreadfully behind on my complaining too, I must get caught up.

There are few moments thought that make me so happy, I can’t think of any whining I want to do. Like yesterday when I saw that huge cheery tree in bloom.  Or this morning when my mother told me that I’d lost enough weight. (I swear, I don’t try. I just ate a whole candy bar, and an hour before that I at a piece of pie. I’m becoming one of those people everybody hates because they can eat whatever they want without gaining weight.) Or that song that I just heard on the radio, one that I love, but can never remember the title or artist. The way that the light looks right now, faintly dim, but I don’t need a lamp yet.

What was I talking about? I’m rambling more than a teenage girl who’s just drunk about half a dozen cups of coffee. I’ll be surprised if this even comes out as a coherent post, not just a string of words that makes you wonder and think that I’m abusing illegal substances while on the internet. See, how did I get on the subject of drugs. Is that where my mind goes when I just let myself talk and talk and talk without thinking? I’m very sorry you just had to read what I just wrote — I’m half tempted to backspace it all out. I would, but I’d have to write another post then, and I think it would be even spacier and nutty than this one.


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