What is in an evening

Since you’ve seen me last, there hasn’t been a whole lot of knitting. I think it may have had something to do with the way I knit the airplane sweater so fast. (That’s a totally made up name, the sweater’s loosely based on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Raglan yoke sweater, and it is thus named because it was knit so fast, like an airplane.)

Well, it was Wednesday I think that I last posted. Up until last night I had knit about half a sock in four days. That’s pretty slow. To be fair, I did rip out part of that sock four or five times. There were many days where I would knit, rip, knit and rip. I just couldn’t get it long enough, and I kept having to rip out part of it. The sock is Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Moccasin Sock, and I couldn’t get the top of the foot to be right, so that means that the sole wasn’t big enough. It’s a terrible cycle if I ever saw one. I’ve got it right now, and the bottom of it is just awaiting a little grafting.

(I need to say something here, please don’t mock me much.)

I, Garret Waugh, do herby swear that I will do the grafting on this sock in such a way that it doesn’t make both me and all knitters look like we are idiots who can’t knit if their life depended on it. I will look up directions and I’ll follow them to the letter. If I run into problems I will go to YouTube, that holy beacon to knitters in trouble. If it sucks I will take it out. I WILL DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME!!

Of course, I say this every time I go to graft and it has yet to work. Maybe this time it will work. Or maybe I can just staple the thing together Or I could just walk around with it still on the knitting needles.

But on the bright side, the very, very bright side. It looks like the second sock is taking a lot less time than the first. Last night I was knitting while watching Buffy and I more or less got to the point where you really have to think and concentrate. I was at the same point with Buffy. What to do, what to do. I threw forty-four stitches on the extra dpn’s I happen to have and then knit away while my eyes were glued to the screen. I worked on those socks for about three more hours. (I wanted to know what happened.  She was dead and then she same back to life . . . again!)

It is really amazing the amount of knitting you can get down when you’re up till two-thirty in the morning. I’m already on the top-of-foot on these socks, and I can’t wait till they’re done. But of course, the weather is warm, and I’ll probably not be able to wear them until . . . fall. But I’m not complaining. I’m writing this on the porch and I’m wearing shorts. I’m barefooted. It’s March in Ohio. They will still be there later.

(And I’m also wondering what the hell should I knit next. I don’t want to work on anything I’ve got started, and the thought of knitting another row on that blanket is making me vaguely sad.  My readers are all thoughtful, kind and well-knit, do they have any clue what should be next?)


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  1. Well warm weather knitting has always been a toughie for me. There is a tank top school of thought but to me, if it’s that hot a knit tank is not gonna happen. You could just pretend it’s not getting warm and knit things you’d like to wear when it’s cold again.

    My climate lends itself to fingering weight sweaters, so maybe think about that. A project with small wool and needles should take you right through to leaf changing time (it does me…).

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