Things I’ve recently learned

First, I’ve learned that sugary breakfast foods are better to be consumed later in the day, as a nice afternoon snack. If you’re looking for yourself esteem to hit a new low, eat something with sugar in it for breakfast, I can guarantee that it will take the glow off of any mile you just ran. From here on out the only sugar that I’ll be having in the morning will be the stuff in my coffee and that stuff that they swear is in peanut butter, but I can’t taste it.

I’ve also learned that I cannot finish anything in a forty-five minute episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. While I may think that if I really, really, set my mind to it, I can, I can’t. I shouldn’t try. I feel the need to specify what I was watching because I still say that I can finish anything (knitting) in forty-five minutes, if done while watching something that engrosses me less. I don’t think that I’m going to test this though, because I don’t like what it would probably take for me to set my mind hard enough to do it.

This is just a long way of me saying that there is no finished sweater for today, but hold your breath for tomorrow, because I plan to swear it by then. I also plan to wash it. (I love it when my knitting smells like my shampoo.) I probably could have finished it, had I not taken the time to write this, but I tend not to think things through, and it’s only knitting right.

I also learned that I shouldn’t eat at my computer, because then crumbs get stuck under my computer keyboard. I’ve had issues with the T, the A and now the space. I think that I fixed it with a knitting needle, but time will tell if that works, and if I’ve really learned that lesson.

I’ve also learned that the one time that I remember to buy stamps, will be the one time THE ONE TIME that I forget to by envelopes. I don’t think I can convey how very much that this irritates me.

I’ve learned that, if I budget my time carefull and do every task whole heartedly and without rushing, that I’ll get everything done for the most part. I’m rather calm, and this is the first day in a while that I’m not running around like a hamster on meth trying to get everything done. I suddenly don’t feel the urgency for dirty dishes to be made clean. This is oddly unsettling, and almost, almost, want to go back to the drugy hamster.

I just learned that hamster has three consonants in a row. (So does consonants.) Every since I learned that those words are hard to find, I’m constantly (three consonants too,) on the lookout for them. I get so tickled(three) when I find one. I get every more joyous when I find a word with three vowels on it. (Does joyous have four? Can I get a judgement call?)

I’ve also learned that every week or so I move the rug in my bedroom by the dresser, by the end of the week, it’s on the other side of the room. Are there some magical fairies moving my rug? Is it the Gremlins? Could it be the monster under my bed?

I’ve just learned that it’s three o’clock and it’s time for me to go. See you tomorrow, and unless it suddenly bursts into flames, I’ll see you with a new sweater.


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