What to Talk About

I haven’t had a lot to say, so that’s the reason why I’ve spent the past few days off line. I could have posted, but you would have gotten something that resembled the following.

1. I’m hungry.

2. My eyes hurt.

3. Why does the sun shine so bright, while the winds blow so cold?

See, not that good, and while list format is a VERY good medium, I don’t like to use it often because I like to think that I have standards, and if I fall into the list rut, I’ll never get out. So here you have me, blabbing away in paragraphs, typos and all. (Is typos a word?)

You know how I blew through the body of the airplane sweater? (So called because it flew by.) The yoke is taking forever. I thought that I was almost done with it, but it suffered a tortuous rip-back. I apparently took part of the saddle shoulder yoke and put it in the raglan yoke. You know what I mean. The page stick together, and what it said made a little sense. Not a lot, but a little. I did what she said, which is the first mistake to make when working an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern. YOU NEVER FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS TO THE LETTER (except the Baby Surprise).

So it sits downstairs, while I’m upstairs, reading (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, I’m loving it. Now I get why this thing is on every ninth grade reading list.  I’ve seen the movie, but I LOVE the book much more. The movie was just a way to kill an evening.) and writing. I’ve finally found a way to edit the second book. I have to re-write it all over from the beginning. Every single word is going to change, and so is the style it was going to be written in. You would think that I wouldn’t like that, but I’m just finally glad that I’ve found a way to fix it. The first draft was crap, but this one, hopefully, will be better.

What else is there to say about me. Nothing really, I moved all my books upstairs, even though there isn’t really room for them here. I’m sitting next to them, and I’m in an utter state of contentment. I’m surrounded by titles I love. I’m nestled in yarn and handknits. To my right is a neat pile of seven sweaters, and to my left is an old towel stand that I converted to a bookshelf. In front of me is a dresser full of clean clothes. Behind me is an attic that needs cleaned, but lets not dwell on that. I’ve got tea made, and I’m actually drinking it. My only complaint that is that the hard trunk I’m sitting on is making my butt hurt — if that’s your worst problem you’re doing fine. The NPR is a little disturbing, but I knew that was coming.

How’s your day? Is it cozy, or rushed and hectic? Leave me a comment with it, I’m suddenly very, VERY curious.

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