Just a little blog today. I really mean it this time. Yesterday the well of bubbly just over flowed, and well, this is the overflow tank — I’m sure you’re so flattered.

An aside real quick. To the person who got to this page by searching for “Quickie” Move on. Nothing to see here, I can assure you that I’m not what you’re looking for. I’m talking about knitting. Not the . . . more orthodox use of the phrase “Quickie.” Sorry I wasted your time, you must be rather short on it.

He’s the promised shots of the airplane sweater. I united them for the yoke yesterday. And I also realized that I will not have enough yarn to finish this sweater. I had like less than 1.5 skiens — not enough. I did a little stash diving last night, and I realized A, I’ve got less yarn than I thought, and B, I don’t have a single skein of any natural yarn that would look good with this yarn. Will it really compromise the structural integrity of this thing if I just use an acrylic, I think not, so I pulled out a brown yarn that is definitely older than I am, (That’s not saying much though) and possibly older than my father. (Again, not saying much.) I’m going to stripe it with the wool, a nice army green, and hope for the best. I hope I have enough yarn to stop the striping when I get to the garter stitch part. (That’s the only really bad part of making up patterns. you can’t see kind of how it looks when it’s done.)

Here’s the state of the sweater as of twenty minutes ago when I took the picture. And yes, I do need to get a circular with a longer cable. The way that I look at it, by the time that I get to the store and buy the needle, I’ll have a lot less stitches and won’t need it. (The same is true for how long it will take me to whip out the set of interchangeable circulars.)

There we are, another successful picture, which always makes me feel like I just won something big. The sweater is much more grey in real life. (And I spelled that the Canadian way on purpose.)

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