Random (It is a Monday!)

1. On Saturday I finished the first edit of my third book.

2. It still is crap. I’m okay with that though, it was written to quickly, with too many distractions, and I didn’t stew enough on it before starting it. That, and it was a concept that couldn’t really be sustained through a whole book. It was also someone elses idea, let this serve as a reminder, ONLY WRITE BOOKS THAT COME FROM  YOUR HEAD!!  NOT ANYONE ELSE’S! I’m moving on.

3. Despite not having to take twenty-eight hours of the day to work on that, I still am having to rush to get everything done. Like today, I thought to myself “Garret, you can clean a little bit, then you can work on that one thing (that’s actually what I call it in my head.) and then you can blog. Well, while I was working on that one thing, I got a phone call that oddly made me want to re-read a bunch of old letters. So that’s why it’s three-thrity, and I’m just now sitting at my desk, doing all the fun but not essential things like blogging. I did manage to write like five pages on the thing though, which trills me to no end.

4. I am ready to start the yoke on the sweater I’m knitting. I bet you didn’t know I was even working on the sleeves. I am like an airplane on this thing, and I’m loving every second of it. I was hoping this would be a “wham bam thank you ma’am” kind of knit, and so far I’m not disappointed. It’s been on the needles for about a week. Pic’s soon.

5. As a result of #4, I haven’t knit a stitch on the blanket for . . . eight days. I’ll come back to it, but I don’t know how I feel about that.

6. I didn’t realize the obvious connotation of “Mio Uccello es Verde” when I wrote that. I apologize for any electrical devices that may need replacing. (I’m looking at you Joe)

7. I think I may go work on the sweater for a minute, why did I work so hard to finish a book if not so I could have a few minutes of fun. (I also love the way my knitting looks when I have a sweater hanging off of it. I feel like a cartoon knitter.)

8. I’ve also been busy getting riled up over politics, that volatile subject. Do you read Norma? I would link but I tried to and the blog at like half of this really great post that was super funny and amazing. Seriously, it was, and I even saved it, but it isn’t there. I talked about politics and didn’t even get angry. Give me a minute. I have to do stuff before I can attempt to re-create it.   

9. Okay, I’m back. Where was I, oh, yeah, politics. I just want to state for the record that I am for Universal Health Care. If that makes me a socialist, then, well, that’s what I am. Sue me.

10. I may watch to much Pan Am, but now, since I typed that, I’m going to be a little afraid that twenty-somethings in blue will trick me out of the country. Thankfully I’ve never been on a plane, nor do I plan to in the near future. I also don’t plan to leave the country any time soon. I should be safe, but for a while, I will avoid anybody wearing black heels and carrying a purse on their elbow, just to be on the safe side.

11. I didn’t know I had enough thoughts to make it to eleven.

12. Sorry if the yucky politic talk offended anyone. It’s just so hard to avoid that these days. At least most of you agree with me when it comes to that. And if you don’t, may I ask, why are you still reading? Do you find me charming? Am I making you think about your beliefs? Do you want to know more about this bleeding-heart liberal?  I’m sure you’ll like me, my opinions are well-reasoned and insightful, though my arguments might not be. Leave a comment and we can chat . . .

12. I boiled eggs today, and for some reason that made me feel like such a grown up. I don’t know why, but it did. I could bake bread and I still would feel better about my eggs.

13. I also feel smart, not just about the eggs, but because I remembered to save the water for the houseplants because it’s supposed to be good for them. I also feel smart because I remembered to water the plants, which always feels like a victory.

14. I should also say that there are sometimes that I love people so much sometimes, and other times they make me so sad, myself included.

15. I don’t know why I just said that. I also don’t know why I didn’t erase it. I’ll just let it sit there.

16. I should go, there are dirty dishes sitting in the sink that I think are about ready to walk themselves to the dishwasher. I probably shouldn’t let it get that far.

17. This really cool bird just flew by my window. It was really pretty colors and almost looked like a tropical bird. Climate Change? (There I go with the politics again!) (I think that I’ll have a really hard time convincing anybody in Ohio that Climate Change is a bad thing, especially after that snow yesterday. Remember: heating causes cooling!) 

18. This blog post is shaping out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be. Really should go now. Those dishes are starting to look like they could take me in a fight by now.

19, A really annoying cat just jumped into my lap.

20. Really should go.

20. I just kicked a very annoying cat out of my lap.

21. I think I may go make some tea.


23. WordPress has a rather odd spellcheck. Odd in a good way though.

24. It’s starting to snow again.

25. Could I possibly have ADD? That, combinded with a computer and a podium is a deadly combination. I could be writing this post till the end of time.

26. I probably should go.

27. But I also — (shakes head) Bye . . .


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