New Sweater

Do you remember a little while back on the other blog when I mentioned wanting to find something to knit on besides that blanket. (Which I still love, but it’s taking a little time out.) Well, I got those socks started that I wanted to. I have may have to lend those to a friend though — don’t ask, I’ll explain later. But what is a man to do with only a mind numbing blanket to knit on?

Start a mind numbing sweater!

It’s actually pretty entertaining, mostly because I’m knitting like the wind on this thing, I should have it done in a week or two if I keep ignoring the blanket like I am now. I love knitting on this thing. The return to natural fibers, the return to stockingette (Even though it’s knit in the round, meaning that I’m doing the exact same thing over and over again, just like the garter stitch blanket). I love knitting on it, the fact that it’s huge, what with having been on the needles for two days, the five inches is pretty impressive.

It’s a more army green in real life, not quite so . . . mocha? I love it, and need I remind you that it’s been on the needles since Sunday night. I’ve slept since then too, and done all my usual work. The best part is that it’s mindless knitting, so I can work on it while I do just about anything that doesn’t involve my hands.

It’s an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern. Sort of. I’m going to make it a yoke sweater, but with garter stitch instead of the fair isle yoke. It’ll have a placket opening, like a polo shirt. Not sure if I’ll have enough yarn, but that’s the beauty of a yoke sweater, I’ll tell you now that I may, or may not, be planning on having a contrasting yoke.


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