Settling In

It still feels a little odd here, at wordpress, but I think that it’ll end up working for the better. It’s set up a lot different that blogger, but I will get used to it. I’m a creature of habit, and even having something as little as my knitting blog shooken up is enough to put me over the edge. I think that I’m showing remarkable personal growth, considering how few time I shrieked during the hours where I was doing battle with blogger.

I wasn’t able to re-direct from my old site, but I’ll keep trying. I think they will only let me redirect to another blogspot address.

And there is one thing that I like here, it has a built-in word counter. It’s a little slow, but it does help me determine the length of these entires. I need to figure out how to fix the clock here,  (it’s really a little after noon when I post this) and there are a few things that I would like to bring over from the old blog. I don’t really like the look of this blog, but that is just going to have to be something that I’ll work on. Please bear with me.

Also, if you’ve bookmarked me, or (gulp) listed me on the side bar, first, well, aren’t you sweet! Second, would you pretty, pretty please update your links to me? There will be no new content at blogspot, I’m just going to leave it the way it is, let the banner grow moldy and don’t get rid of the rats that moved into the basement.

But let’s not dwell on that. Oddly enough, I don’t know what to talk about when I’m not dwelling on that. This is a knitting blog, I could give you the post that I was going to do when blogger went all demonic on me. (I swear there was a moment when my computer spun around and vomited split pea soup.) But that post seems so different now. It sounds to dramatic, but it really does feel a little silly to talk about that. I don’t remember what it’s like to have knitting that you don’t put on the internet. Let’s do a little metaphor shall we? The  old blog was where I learned to walk, this will be where I learn to run.

I’m still working on the blanket. I feel the need to point out that I really do like working on this thing, I just don’ t like the uneasy feeling that I get from it. It’s like I’m just sitting there, waiting for the urge to knit a dozen things in an hour to descend upon me. I think it will come right around when it’s time to weave in the million-billion ends. This blanket has more colors in it than a rainbow does (I know that there is no white or black in a rainbow, but there is in this blanket.)


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