Hello world!

I’m not really sure what the hell has been happening for the past hour, and I’m not really sure that you will either.

Here’s the thing. I went to post a little entry to blogger, like I’ve done almost two hundred times. And they wouldn’t let me. They are mean people. I tried the new interface, but that didn’t help me at all. They wanted me to upgrade to Google Chrome, which I first refused to do because I’m resistant to change, and I now refuse to do on principle.

So I went to start a new blog. Here you are. I first went to typepad, but they wanted me to pay for a blog, which is not happening on SO many different levels. (I would sooner go to Google Chrome.) WordPress is my new home, and I think that I’m going to like it here. Once I figure out how to work it. I’ll try to do some domain referal thing, but I’m not really sure if blogger will even let me do that. So I may lose a lot of comments and followers. I’m sorry.  If you have a blog, I’ll leave a comment with this address.

I’m really used to bloger and this will be an adjustment. Don’t expect things to stay the same here. I’m not even sure what the blog looks like yet. (Still figuring out WordPress.) I’ve got to import my blog list and my about me pages.

I really hope this works. I need to fix the clock here. I need to fix the clock. I need to do a lot.

I didn’t come here just because Blogger wanted me to upgrade. That was just the final straw. I feel a little bit better about myself now because I’m no longer supporting Google. They are a little to big of a company for me to trust.  Please overlook that I change blog hosts because one host wanted me to change, I don’t like what that says about my mental state. (And after the last hour, just about anything could push me over the edge.)

Any questions? I’m going to work out all the bugs sooner or later. Now, let me just see if I can figure out how to post this. Any advice form WordPress users?


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